Klee Chenille carpet by Adriani and Rossi

Home accessories and modern furnishings by Adriani and Rossi: discover the Klee Chenille rug and all the other models of carpets.

Complements are beautiful and practical accessories for the home, which dress your rooms with their colors and play a multifunctional and essential role. Visiting us means seeing live all the most beautiful compositions of the well-known brand, always synonymous with quality and style. In our store you will find the most beautiful ranges of modern accessories which also include high quality fabric rugs with a strong decorative impact. The Klee Chenille carpet model by Adriani and Rossi you see is suitable for any type of room: it will complete the home furnishings by combining functionality and style. Adriani and Rossi have always characterized our homes with trendy furniture and accessory elements, which give the whole an inimitable appeal and make them completely liveable.

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