Vase Bag

Do you want to complete your interiors with Adriani and Rossi Complements? We present various models of ceramic containers such as Vaso Bag.


Modern accessories and metal containers: find out more about the Hugo model by Adriani and Rossi and you can embellish your interior.


Do you want to embellish your spaces with Adriani and Rossi Complements? Here are several models of leather containers such as Make.

Cement cone

Modern accessories and ceramic containers: get information on the Cono Cemento model by Adriani and Rossi and you can complete your premises.


Among the furnishing compositions complete with accessory complements those with containers take a position of some importance, as thanks to decisive lines and precious materials they give practicality and design to every type of Complements. Complements solutions of every style, be it classic, contemporary or minimal design, need a wide choice of accessories to be completely practical. Come and visit us in our showroom and the best consultants will be happy to guide you towards the different solutions we present, focusing on your needs and your personal taste. For contemporary furnishing compositions of Complements, prefer offers with containers with simple shapes, on the contrary for more traditional ones, prefer items made with precious materials with sinuous lines and in warmer or intermediate shades. Come and discover the proposals available in our showroom to perfectly complete the indoor spaces of your dreams, our many years of expertise in the furniture sector will not leave you disappointed.