Candles and candle holders

Vienna candle holder

If you are looking for classic complements and glass candles and candle holders, get information on the Vienna candle holder model from the Adriani ...


Do you want to enhance your interiors with Adriani and Rossi Complements? Here are multiple models of candles and ceramic candle holders such as ...


If you want Modern accessories and candles and ceramic candle holders, find out more about the Palline model of the Adriani and Rossi brand.

Candles and candle holders

We await you in our store with furnishing solutions built with first choice materials, ideal to meet your needs, and lots of valuable advice in order to guide you during every moment of your project. Complete the indoor spaces you have with us, our great passion and the guidance of our interior designers will ensure you complete satisfaction when the project is completed. Each sort of Complements solution requires different components to be completed properly, among which there are certainly various proposals for candles and candle holders, ideal for giving character to the compositions. If, for example, you want to create complements of complements according to a modern appeal, you prefer furnishing solutions with candles and candle holders with essential lines, on the contrary if you want to create a traditional style atmosphere with a characteristic welcoming effect, you will choose compositions with candles and candle holders built with first choice materials in warm or intermediate shades and with sinuous lines.