Gelon coat hanger

Accessories accessories and Stones coat hangers: find out how to complete your modern premises with the Gelon coat rack model.

Desio mirror

Modern accessories and metal mirrors: get information on the Desio Mirror model by Stones and you can embellish your spaces.

Twist coffee table 2

Complementary accessories and Stones coffee tables: find out how to enhance your modern premises with the Twist 2 table model.

I pose

Do you want to embellish your premises with Adriani and Rossi Complements? Here are different models of glass vases such as Pongo.


Do you want to complete your spaces with Ditre Italia Complements? Here are different models of metal coffee tables such as Unit.

Esh coffee table

If you want modern accessories and stone coffee tables, get information on the Esh coffee table model by Stones.


Aulos glass coffee table by Ditre Italia: click and get information on the metal design complements and coffee tables of the well-known and renowned ...


If you want Design complements and wooden coffee tables, find out more about the Polyura model of the Ditre Italia brand.

Iris mirror

Iris modular mirror by Stones: click and get information on the modern glass accessories and mirrors of the well-known and renowned brand!


Very versatile and multifunctional, modern metal complements perform different functions: they complete the practical qualities and aesthetics of the ...


Double coffee table by Adriani and Rossi: click and get information on the complements and lacquered design coffee tables of the well-known and ...

Complements Como

We provide all the necessary support in every phase of your project and we guarantee delivery and installation once the project is completed, in order to guarantee the complete satisfaction of customers for their every need. Carefully evaluating which furnishings are ideal for you is so important. We will take care of supporting you during the purchase of valuable details and technical materials available for furnishing compositions of Complements, ideal for various sizes and different types of premises. In Como and its surroundings we are the perfect place where you can choose the furnishing solutions of high quality Complements and get to know the ideal compositional solutions for you. Do not miss the opportunity to meet the most prepared consultants with many years of experience, those who will be able to keep you informed about the new trends in terms of furnishings with extreme availability. If you want to combine practicality and design in order to have the interiors of your desires, do not miss the opportunity to visit our shop near Como , where you can choose what you want.

Complements Como

Combining functionality and style with us in Como will be quite easy, so don't miss the opportunity to purchase versions of Complements that are similar to your needs and to the different volumes and types of the interior rooms. Make an appointment with us: a large variety of Complements that reflect your style are exhibited by us and complete our well-stocked offer, designed to furnish your rooms by enriching their aesthetics. The most skilled interior decorators will guide you in choosing the furniture for the interior rooms: thanks to many years of experience they will be able to guarantee you various innovative suggestions and inform you about trends in the field of furniture. In order to guarantee the ideal support for everyone's needs, you can choose to be followed in furnishing the rooms. If you are in Como and surroundings and you are looking for furnishing solutions of Complements of the most famous brands, do not miss the opportunity to visit us.