Home Furnishings


The best brands in the field of furniture produce bookcases of high aesthetic value, with soft shapes rather than essential lines, so that everyone ensures the perfect purchase for himself. Considering that in your living room you will often welcome friends and relatives or spend pleasant relaxing evenings, consider that it is essential to create an atmosphere of welcome, comfort and charm.

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Equipped walls

Living rooms are the beating heart of every home, so the choice of furniture to be placed inside them is important to ensure a serene daily life, lots of comfort and great hospitality qualities. Displaying or containing books and objects of any kind is not the only task of the Equipped Walls, in fact they contribute to giving value to the venue according to a certain stylistic line, which is in conformity with your expectations.


Nowadays, an almost infinite range of Sideboards of all shapes, sizes, materials and colors are available on the market, designed by the best producers to complete the decor by combining functional and style. Ideal for better organizing the space of a living room or a dining room, the sideboard will be able to enhance the mood of the environment while helping you keep the order in the house.


The Lounges host us in moments of rest and daily recreation: the upholstered items must always be comfortable and able to ensure optimal support for those sitting, but they must also be of great decorative value. The Salotti have always been the protagonists of the environment dedicated to socializing and, above all, to daily rest: the living environment where people chat with family and friends in moments of relaxation.


More and more frequently, nowadays, the kitchen opens up to the living room and there is no longer a clear differentiation between the two rooms: the purchase of the right type of essential table. The shapes designed by the best producers allow you to choose between round, oval or square tables; also as regards the finishes, the possible choices are various: wood, glass, metal and stone.


The comfort of a chair depends on the backrest and structure, which must guarantee good back support and the possibility of getting up comfortably, according to your needs. In the dining area, even if organized in the living area, the Chairs will make the difference: they organize the spaces enriching the aesthetics, ensuring you always have a comfortable seat available.


The bedroom in absolute the most intimate environment of our house, aimed at daily rest: the protagonists of the room are the beds, which must be comfortable and beautiful. The bedroom in absolute the most intimate environment of our house, aimed at daily rest: the protagonists of the room are the beds, which must be comfortable and beautiful.


The bedside table is a much-loved piece of furniture in the rest area: easy to place, these pieces of furniture are placed side by side with all kinds of beds, adding value and completing their practical qualities. The multiple types of bedside tables available on the market can be bought following a peculiar style idea or can be combined with furniture made of specially contrasting materials.

Foldaway beds

To make the foldaway beds an island of relaxation that welcomes us at the end of the day, we will complete them with quality linen and pillows, so that they can guarantee us the best sleep every night. In the moment in which not much available space is available, several space-saving solutions are available on the market: convertible folding beds, if not used, become multi-functional, practical and beautiful furnishings.

Relax armchairs.

Before furnishing the living room, it is always better to evaluate the dimensions of the space and its functions, which will determine the choice of a two or more seat sofa and armchairs. In our showroom, you will find beautiful corner sofas, in-line or reclining, but also convertible sofa beds for those who have limited space but demand durability and style guarantee.


The purchase of one of the beautiful and functional Cabinet models that we offer will allow you to have in your room a useful space in which to organize sheets, duvets, clothing and various objects. In a tastefully furnished room, after the bed itself, a charming wardrobe should be placed first, which can be of various sizes and in multiple resistant finishes over the years.

Children's bedrooms

In a rich range of solutions and fashionable finishes available on the market, you will certainly find the ideal solution for the needs of your sons and daughters, combining unique design with features of functionality and ergonomics. Based on personal needs, dimensions, conformation and style of the children's room, you will decide how to arrange bed, work table, bedside tables, chairs and wardrobe, making good use of the spaces.