Click and discover a rich catalog of modern fixed dining tables! The Claire model by Ditre Italia awaits you.


If you are looking for a modern table for lunch, discover the extendable models of the chair: click to discover the model of the Gotland wood.

Decor DCG4001K

If you want classic fixed tables, here is the Decor DCG4001K wooden dining model from the company Modo 10.

Portofino PFG4031K

Would you like more information on the Portofino PFG4031K dining table by Modo 10? Click and find out more about the brand's extendable models.


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Portofino PFG4021K

If you want classic extendable tables, we present the Portofino wooden dining model PFG4021K of the Modo 10 brand.


If you are looking for a modern extendable table, we offer you the wooden lunch model of the Altacom company.

Nicolas table

Click and discover a wide range of modern extendable dining tables! The Nicolas table model by Stones awaits you.

Pixel table

Would you like more info on the Pixel table kitchen table by Stones? Click and get information about the signature extendable models.


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Victor Decor

If you want to ensure a high aesthetic content in domestic spaces, but also want to make the most of the space, then our solutions are for you. The ...