Minerva coffee table

If you want Modern accessories and metal coffee tables, find out more about the Minerva coffee table model from the Stones company.

St Germain

If you want design complements and wooden coffee tables, get information on the St Germain model from the Ditre Italia company.


As far as materials are concerned, the modern complements guarantee multiple aesthetic possibilities for furnishing the rooms according to one's own ...

Umbi Rectangular Coffee Table

Complementary accessories and Stones coffee tables: find out how to complete your modern interior with the Umbi Rectangular Coffee Table model.

MINI sommelier

After buying the furniture for your home, you will have to dress the home with the multifunctional complements of great decorative impact that we ...


Particularly versatile and multifunctional, the modern wooden complements perform different functions: they complete the practical qualities and ...


The ingenious metal Altacom coffee table belonging to the rich series of modern complements of the renowned brand, always of great quality. The ...


In our store you will be able to touch the quality of the signature modern metal coffee table models, just like this proposal in the photo. Very ...


If you want modern accessories and wooden coffee tables, get information on the Kailua model by Ditre Italia.

Hollywood coffee table

If you want Design complements and wooden coffee tables, get information on the Hollywood coffee table model of the Stones brand.

Twist coffee table 1

If you want Modern complements and lacquered coffee tables, get information on the Twist 1 coffee table model of the Stones brand.


The Altacom Assist coffee table model you see is suitable for any kind of space: it will complement the home furnishings by mixing practicality and ...

Complements in wood

With the aim of perfectly combining aesthetic content and functionality, the most trained professionals will guide you in the selection of furniture with passion and affability. The variegated collection of compositions that we propose allows everyone to see firsthand the most exclusive proposals of wooden complements . Feeling comfortable in the spaces where you spend indispensable time, which is why the purchase of furniture is so important. Currently furnishing the interiors with class and charm, with regard to precious materials and characterizing details, fundamental. We give the possibility to be supported by the design of the environments to be furnished, with the aim of guaranteeing tailor-made advice for everyone's needs. Take a seat in the showroom, as we are the ideal place to meet professionals and take advantage of new ideas regarding the new trends in terms of wooden accessories.