Design accessories and ceramic vases: find out more about the Madame model by Adriani and Rossi and you can embellish your premises.

Tako coffee table

Modern accessories and metal coffee tables: get information on the Tako coffee table model by Stones and you can enrich your premises.

Thor coffee table

Thor coffee table by Stones: click and find out more about the complements and modern wooden coffee tables of the renowned brand!


The Altacom brand means excellence and style: coming to the store means relying on the brand's many years of experience and passion. To make the most ...

Pliny mirror

Do you want to enhance your premises with Stones Complements? We present various models of glass mirrors such as Plinio Mirror.

Yogi mirror

Modern accessories and glass mirrors: find out more about the Yogi Mirror model by Stones and you can enhance your premises.

Shanti mirror

Shanti mirror by Stones: click and get information on the modern glass accessories and mirrors of the well-known and renowned brand!


The ingenious metal Altacom coffee table belonging to the rich series of modern complements of the renowned brand, always of great quality. The ...

Double Altacom

The Double Altacom wooden coffee table finds its place in domestic interiors with modern references, perfectly mixing great functional and style ...


Urban wooden coffee table by Ditre Italia: click and get information on the wooden design complements and coffee tables of the well-known and ...

Stilb mirror

If you want modern complements and leather mirrors, get information on the Stilb mirror model of the Stones brand.

Mudra mirror

If you want modern accessories and glass mirrors, get information on the Mudra mirror model from the Stones company.

Metal accessories

We are the ideal place to meet the most skilled consultants, learn about the evolution of design and define which materials meet your needs. We offer a wide selection of furniture in different aesthetically beautiful finishes, among which you can also find many metal accessories. With the aim of offering total customer satisfaction, we provide assistance in furnishing, with relief measures and with transport and assembly. The compositions personalize the interiors, for this reason it is necessary to carefully select the furnishings. If you want furnishing solutions with complements in different finishes of excellent quality, do not miss the opportunity to come to the store. Conveying the taste of everyone with the furniture will no longer be a problem thanks to the metal compositions available from us, suitable for finding solutions to personal needs.