Complements, accessories and Adriani and Rossi carpets: find out how to enhance your modern premises with the Rich model.

Pretty Decor coat rack 7

If you want Modern accessories and plastic coat hangers, find out more about the Pretty Decor 7 coat hanger model by the Stones signature.

Milon coat hanger

Milon coat hanger by Stones: click and find out more about the modern plastic accessories and mirrors of the well-known and well-known brand!

Bowl coffee table

Complementary elements and Stones coffee tables: find out how to embellish your modern interior with the Tavolino Bowl model.

Baroon coffee table

Coffee tableBaroondiStones: click and get information on

Complements in plastic

We present a wide range of furnishings in different aesthetically beautiful textures, among which you will also find many Complements in plastic . If you are looking for furnishing proposals with complements in different textures of excellent quality, do not miss the opportunity to come to the store. We are the perfect place to meet the best consultants, get insights into the evolution of design and choose which materials suit your needs. In order to ensure total customer satisfaction, we provide assistance advice in furnishing, with relief measures and with delivery with assembly workers. Conveying your style with furniture will no longer be an obstacle thanks to the plastic furnishing compositions available from us, designed to find answers to individual needs. The furnishing compositions personalize the interiors, so it is good to carefully evaluate the furnishings.