Are you looking for an NC206 Moretti Compact wardrobe? Click now! Built-in wardrobes with sliding doors await you.

29 Sliding door

The built-in wardrobes with sliding doors are essential pieces in a self-respecting bedroom, well furnished, practical and easy. In our showroom you ...


Let's present the NC401 wardrobe in MorettiCompact glass!

Attic 30

If you want a tastefully furnished sleeping area, choose the Attic wardrobe 30 with hinged doors by Ferrimobili!

Railsystem attic 12

Here is the Railsystem attic wardrobe 12 in lacquered wood by Ferrimobili! A rich catalog of built-in wardrobes with hinged doors.

Cabin Wardrobe Rack B5

If you would like a better furnished bed room, choose the wardrobeCabinWardrobesRackB5conantescorrevolidiCinquanta3!

Decor DCN8001K

If you want built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, click and discover the Modo 10 Decor DCN8001K wardrobe in wood.

02 Hinged Doors

This model is ideal to be placed in a space equipped with modern furniture and accessories, perfectly combining practicality and design. This model ...


Here is the NC303 wardrobe in matt lacquer by Moretti Compact! A rich catalog of built-in wardrobes with hinged doors.

Attic 30

Are you looking for a melamine wardrobe? Click and discover cabinets for attics with hinged doors by Ferrimobili.