"Karat De Luxe mattress by Falomo Manufacturing"

Discover the Karat De Luxe pocket spring mattress and many other double models designed to ensure t

The double bed mattresses with pocketed springs produced by Manifattura Falomo ensure a pleasant welcome every night, as well as the correct support for the spine. A high level of comfort, quality materials, and cutting-edge technology make this solution an essential tool for rest. Come to us to see first-hand the technology that characterizes all high-quality products signed by the well-known and renowned brand, excellence in the field. The Karat De Luxe Mattress from Manifattura Falomo with pocketed springs, or rather a product of great value and comfort, guarantees you all the excellence in the sleep systems sector. A key component of bed systems is certainly the mattress: it must be able to guarantee the total comfort for everyone every night.

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