Discover single mattresses at our store: the Golf Soia model is waiting for you to assure you the best rest.

Golf Feel

Sleep experts! Here are the single Soy mattresses from Manifattura Falomo: click and find out more about the Golf Feel model.


If you want to ensure yourself a deep and restorative sleep, discover the single Soy mattresses like the Kuschelmed model by Manifattura Falomo.

Kuschelmed De Luxe

Discover the single mattresses in our showroom: the Kuschelmed De Luxe Soia model is waiting for you to ensure you the deepest sleep.

Major Wellness

If you want to ensure a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep, discover the Soy double mattresses such as the Major Wellness model by Falomo Manufacturing.

Soia Memory

Sleep experts! We present you the Manifattura Falomo Soy single mattresses: click and find out more about the Soy Memory model.

Top Feel

Discover in our showroom the double beds: the Top Feel Soia model is waiting for you to ensure you the best rest.

Soy mattresses

The best furniture professionals will assist you in the search for ideal furniture for you, always guaranteeing excellent results. The ideal compositions for you, including the most original proposals from Soy Mattresses, await you with us. In-store, we present various solutions for mattresses, from space-saving options to those completely customizable for you, to ensure the best possible outfitting for every space. Indoor spaces are always different from each other, both in terms of function and style, but also in terms of measurements and placement. Nowadays, structures of all kinds are designed in progressively smaller measurements, which run the risk of making the choice of furniture too complex. In-store, you can find all the compositions with Soy mattresses, built with durable materials and enhanced with characteristic and trendy details.