Mattresses with pocket springs


If you want to ensure a peaceful and restful sleep, discover the double pocket spring mattresses such as the Silver Permaflex model.


Do you want to ensure total relaxation? Click and get information on the Stylus mattress among Dorelan's double pocket spring models!


Do you want to make sure the total amount?


Expertsofgoodsleep! TipWe presentwedding mattressesandpackagedbuffetsofManifatturaFalomo: click and find out the types on the Yawn model.


Do you want to ensure the best rest? Click and get information on the Caprice mattress among Dorelan's double pocket spring models!


The great professionalism of the brand allows it to achieve with its quality products an excellent quality in terms of performance and comfort. The ...



Vermont Pillow Top

Experts of good rest! Introducing Sealy's pocket spring double mattresses: click and find out more about the Vermont Pillow Top model.

Zoe 1800

Zoe 1800 mattress from Il Benessere: we are specialists in good rest! Find out more about Double pocket spring mattresses.


Dorelan's Rising mattress with pocket springs, which is a product of excellent quality and comfort, ensures you all the excellence in the bedding ...

Boing 800

Discover our double mattresses in our store: the Boing 800 model with pocket springs is waiting for you to guarantee you the best rest.

Balance De Luxe

Visit us in the showroom and you can see all our pocket spring mattresses live: the best solutions for a good sleep await you. Visit us in the ...

Pocket spring mattresses

Often, nowadays, domestic type structures and work environments create considerable difficulties in terms of style and space. Ready to accompany you in every phase of your project, our furnishing professionals will offer you the pocket spring mattresses that are right for you, guaranteeing you the best results. Among the different solutions available in the store, we show you solutions with space-saving mattresses that can be made to measure for you, according to your needs. We put at your disposal a wide range of first choice materials and trendy textures, capable of satisfying everyone's needs and completing the furnishing of each room. From the more traditional style, characterized by the soft shapes of the furniture, to the modern and minimal design, our proposals satisfy the most varied tastes. Come and see the furnishings that we offer in the store, the best interior designers are waiting for you.