Library 17A

Are you looking for Office Furniture from the best manufacturers? Discover the different solutions of lacquered office bookcases, such as the ...

Library 16A

A rich range of lacquered office bookcases is waiting for you! Cinquanta3's 16A Library model is waiting for you!

Office bookcases

We are waiting for you in the shop with furnishing solutions made with quality materials, designed to find a solution to your needs, and various interesting suggestions in order to guide you in the phases of your project. Each type of Office Furniture solution needs different elements to be completed properly, among which there are certainly office bookcases, in quality materials that last over the years. If, for example, you want to create Office Furniture compositions following a current mood, you prefer furnishing solutions with office bookcases with simple shapes, while if you want to recreate a classic style setting with a typical welcoming feeling, you can choose compositions with bookcases for offices made with quality materials in warm or neutral shades of color and with sinuous lines.