Wicker Table

garden tables and garden furniture sets of the best brands: get information on the Wicker Table model by La Seggiola, click now!


If you want plastic garden stools, click and find out more about the Matrioska model of the La Seggiola brand.


Garden furniture in wood: enhances the outdoors with different garden table solutions from La Seggiola.

Garden tables

The essential accessory elements to enrich the compositions of Garden Furniture following comfort and design, including the garden tables, are available for you in the shop. For modern style garden furniture, we will show you compositions built with precious materials in intermediate, linear and simple shades, on the contrary for those in traditional style we will show you furnishing solutions with garden tables in the warmest shades and sinuous lines, always resistant to disparate substances over time. Do not miss the opportunity to come to the store and, with valid furnishing professionals, we assure you a great variety of compositions with garden tables , designed to complete the garden furniture solutions, highlighting the aesthetic value and technology.