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Artwood Flamed Oak

If you are looking for a modern kitchen, find out more about the Nolte Flamed Oak Artwood model.



Iron Blue Steel and Arctic White

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Lucca Anthracite Cement

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Modern kitchens with island: click to discover a range of company solutions, including the Iron Blue Steel model.

Sepia oak wood

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Nolte modern kitchens

Do not miss the opportunity to furnish the interiors with the guarantee that only Nolte can give you and not even that of receiving any kind of suggestion in the field from us. Nolte works continuously in order to guarantee customer satisfaction, thanks to furnishing proposals made with durable materials and respect for novelties in the field of furniture. Here you will find our professionals, who will be happy to guide you in every phase of your project, also guaranteeing you a visit for space measurement and assembly. Our many years of expertise and a lot of passion will ensure that you find everything you are looking for among the most exclusive furnishing proposals of Modern Kitchens, of excellent workmanship and perfect for domestic environments of multiple sizes. Here you will find models of modern kitchens ideal for realizing the project of your desires, which represent your personal style by mixing functionality and ergonomics.