Modern Kitchens Menaggio

Black touch

Thanks to the practicality of this modern proposal in materials, among those in line by Life Cucine, you can optimize the environment without ...


Modern kitchens with peninsula: click and discover a wide range of solutions from the S75 brand, including the Ingrid model.


Modern kitchens online: click and discover a wide range of solutions from the S75 brand, including the Matilda model.

Soft Lack

In the shop you can see firsthand our rich series of Modern Kitchens in line with refined aesthetics signed by Nolte, always of great quality. ...

Sigma Lack 2019

The Sigma Lack kitchen by Nolte in matt lacquer in the image, can be declined in multiple arrangements, colors and finishes of great aesthetic ...

Carisma Lack Legno 2019

Among the various modern kitchens in Nolte wood available in the shop, there are also those complete with appliances, accessories and tops. Among the ...

Alpha Lack 2019

The Nolte Alpha Lack kitchen in wood, among the different online furnishing compositions of the brand, always of great aesthetic value, awaits you in ...

White Zoom

Many decide to buy one of our peculiar Modern kitchens in glossy lacquer, since they furnish the spaces by combining practicality and design. ...


If you want a modern S75 kitchen, Vania in steel awaits you in our online Modern Kitchens shop.


Modern kitchens online: click and discover a wide range of solutions from the S75 company, including the Irma model.

Soft Lack 2019

Nolte's Soft Lack 2019 kitchen in laminate in photography, can be designed in multiple arrangements, shades and finishes of great aesthetic impact. ...

Charisma Lack 2019

Choosing Nolte's Carisma Kitchen, made of precious and resistant materials, means optimizing spaces by enhancing them. Many choose to order one of ...

Modern kitchens Menaggio

Get in touch with us: a wide choice of Modern Kitchens that reflect your needs are available from us and personalize our diversified proposal, designed to furnish your premises by enriching their aesthetics. If you are in Menaggio and neighboring municipalities and want furnishing proposals from Modern Kitchens of excellent brands, do not miss the opportunity to visit our shop. With the aim of ensuring a tailor-made service for individual requests, you can decide to be followed in furnishing the rooms. The best professionals will guide you in the purchase of furniture for the interior spaces: thanks to many years of expertise they will be happy to provide you with many unpublished advice and keep you informed on trends in the field of furniture. Combining practicality and design with us in Menaggio will be quite easy, so don't miss the opportunity to purchase versions of Modern Kitchens that match your requests and the different volumes and versions of your interiors.