Wardrobes sliding doors

33 Sliding door

The built-in wardrobes with sliding doors are indispensable pieces in a respectable, well-furnished, functional and easy-to-rest area. The built-in ...

Having to slide

This wooden product, among the different wall models with Novamobili sliding doors, guarantees the strength of the materials, elegance and ...

Design Swing DON8036K v3

Here is the Design Swing DON8036K v3 wardrobe in Modo 10 wood! A rich catalog of built-in wardrobes with sliding doors.

22 Sliding door

The furniture shown in the photo is characterized by the quality of the materials and the elegant design, revealing itself as designed to complete ...

Sliding Layer wardrobe

Sliding Layer wardrobe by Novamobili in glass: to complete the room dedicated to relaxation, optimizing the spaces and embellishing them.

Middle sliding

The built-in wardrobes with sliding doors are essential furnishings in a respectable bedroom, best furnished, practical and easy. These furniture ...


If you want a tastefully furnished bedroom, choose the NC202 wardrobe with sliding doors by Moretti Compact!

Attic 30

If you want a tastefully furnished sleeping area, choose the Attic wardrobe 30 with hinged doors by Ferrimobili!

Jazz design DON8101K

Are you looking for a glass cabinet? Click and discover Modo 10 built-in wardrobes with sliding doors.

Moon MON8021K

Are you looking for a Moon MON8021K Modo 10 wardrobe? Click now! Built-in wardrobes with sliding doors await you.

Walk-in Closet Rack

We present the Cinquanta3 Laminate Walk-in Closet Rack wardrobe! A rich catalog of walk-in wardrobes with sliding doors.

28 Sliding Door

Quality and comfort are the ingredients that, together with a high aesthetic content, distinguish all the design cabinets in laminate of the ...

Sliding door wardrobes

Sometimes, nowadays, buildings of various kinds give rise to considerable difficulties in terms of space and style, especially when they are located in the city center. In order to ensure excellent results thanks to the choice of wardrobes with sliding doors , we offer you the most beautiful compositions on the market. Among the various offers available in the store, we offer you space-saving wardrobes that can be made to measure for you, according to your needs. We offer for you a large variety of precious materials and trendy textures, capable of following personal needs. Come and discover the furnishings that we resell in the shop, the most prepared interior decorators await you ready to guide you in every phase of your project. Completing the decor of any interior, from the more traditional one, characterized by the soft shapes of the furniture, to the modern and minimal chic one, will not be complicated.