Moon Vegas MON8011K

If you are looking for built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, click and discover the Moon Vegas MON8011K wardrobe by Modo 10 in wood.

Gola sliding wardrobe

The models we sell are furnishing products that facilitate your relaxation by creating a relaxing setting and contain objects and clothing.

Bridge wardrobe

If you want a well-furnished bedroom, choose the Cinquanta3 wardrobe A Ponte with hinged doors!

Middle sliding

The built-in wardrobes with sliding doors are essential furnishings in a respectable bedroom, best furnished, practical and easy. These furniture ...

LOOK walk-in closet 13

If you are looking for built-in wardrobes with hinged doors, click and discover the CABina Wardrobe LOOK 13 wardrobe by Ferrimobili in lacquered wood.

Domino DON8026K

If you want a well-furnished bedroom, choose the Domino DON8026K wardrobe with sliding doors by Modo 10!

Design Swing DON8036K v3

Here is the Design Swing DON8036K v3 wardrobe in Modo 10 wood! A rich catalog of built-in wardrobes with sliding doors.

09 Swing Doors

The furniture shown in the photo stands out for the quality of the finishes and for the refined design, proving to be studied to complete the ...

Curved Alpha

The bedroom is the space at home dedicated to rest, therefore furnishings such as modern wardrobes with hinged doors must recreate a soothing ...

Sliding Layer wardrobe

Sliding Layer wardrobe by Novamobili in glass: to complete the room dedicated to relaxation, optimizing the spaces and embellishing them.

Modern wardrobes

Thanks to the durability of durable and aesthetically pleasing materials, we will offer you the opportunity to perfectly decorate the interiors, with charm and class, following your style. Our interior designers will accompany you in the design of your rooms, but will also ensure you inspect the site for the verification of the measures and delivery with a team of expert fitters. A wide range of furnishings and various original suggestions give the possibility to customize the interiors, giving life to peculiar captivating and welcoming atmospheres. For your projects do not hesitate, but show us in our showroom and, with the collaboration of our furniture consultants, you will choose the modern wardrobes that are right for you. Come and discover the varied proposal of furnishings in the showroom, it will be easy to frame the furniture that suits you and take advantage of all kinds of suggestions. If you are looking for modern wardrobes to complete your home, come to us: we are the perfect place to meet the most skilled interior designers.