Swing door AB10

Are you looking for an opaque lacquered wardrobe? Click and discover modular wardrobes with hinged doors by Moretti Compact.

Walk-in Closet Rack

We present the Cinquanta3 Laminate Walk-in Closet Rack wardrobe! A rich catalog of walk-in wardrobes with sliding doors.

S1 wardrobe

If you are looking for built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, click and discover the Wardrobe S1 wardrobe by Cinquanta3 in glass.

Wardrobe L2

If you want a bedroom furnished in the best way, choose the L2 wardrobe with hinged doors by Cinquanta3!


Visiting us means seeing firsthand the most beautiful Novamobili compositions, ideal for solving your particular needs. The well-known and well-known ...

Steel framework

Here is the S75 matt lacquered Quadro Steel wardrobe! A wide range of built-in wardrobes with hinged doors.

00 Swing Doors

The built-in wardrobes with hinged doors are inevitable furnishings in a respectable bedroom, well furnished, functional and easy. In the wardrobes ...

Mezzagola framework

Are you looking for a matt lacquered wardrobe? Click and discover built-in wardrobes with hinged doors by S75.

Modularity AM10

If you want a tastefully furnished rest area, choose the Modularity AM10 wardrobe with hinged doors by Moretti Compact!

Laminate cabinets

We are the perfect place to meet the best interior designers, get insights into the evolution of design and decide which materials suit your needs. We offer a wide range of furnishings in different textures that are beautiful to look at, among which you can also find multiple laminate wardrobes. In order to offer total customer satisfaction, we offer an assistance service in the design, with relief measures and with furniture assembly at home. The compositions personalize the interior rooms, for this reason it is necessary to carefully evaluate the furniture. If you want furnishing solutions with wardrobes in different textures of excellent quality, do not miss the opportunity to visit us. Expressing your taste with furniture will no longer be a problem thanks to the laminate compositions available in the store, ideal for finding answers to individual needs.