Wardrobes hinged doors

Attic 32

Are you looking for an opaque lacquered wardrobe? Click and discover modular wardrobes with hinged doors by Ferrimobili.


This wooden solution, among the many wall models with Novamobili swing doors, guarantees the solidity of the finishes, elegance and refinement. The ...

Attic Cabin 02

If you want a tastefully furnished sleeping area, choose the Cabin 02 Attic wardrobe with hinged doors by Ferrimobili!

Planet 25 cabin

Are you looking for a lacquered wood cabinet? Click and discover custom-made wardrobes with hinged doors by Ferrimobili.

Curved Alpha

The bedroom is the space at home dedicated to rest, therefore furnishings such as modern wardrobes with hinged doors must recreate a soothing ...

Gola with TV stand panel

The models we distribute are furnishing products that promote your relaxation by creating a soothing setting and containing objects and clothing. ...


Here is the NC306 wardrobe in matt lacquer by Moretti Compact! A wide range of built-in wardrobes with hinged doors.

Framework Format

If you want a well-furnished rest area, choose the Quadro Format wardrobe with hinged doors by S75!

02 Hinged Doors

This model is ideal to be placed in a space equipped with modern furniture and accessories, perfectly combining practicality and design. This model ...

Railsystem with 23B beams

Are you looking for a wardrobe in matt lacquer? Click and discover wall wardrobes with hinged doors by Ferrimobili.

Bridge wardrobe

If you want a well-furnished bedroom, choose the Cinquanta3 wardrobe A Ponte with hinged doors!

16 Swing Doors

This wooden solution, among the various wall models with Ferrimobili swing doors, guarantees a solidity of materials, elegance and refinement. ...

Hinged door wardrobes

The interiors are always different from each other, both in terms of function and style, but also in terms of size and location. Our furniture professionals will support you in the search for ideal furnishings for you, always ensuring the desired results. In our store we present different cabinet solutions, from the extremely compact ones to those completely customizable, so that you can solve your needs. Nowadays, structures of all kinds are built in ever smaller sizes and run the risk of making the choice of furnishings too complex. The ideal furnishing compositions for you, among which you can also consider those with hinged door wardrobes, are waiting for you in the store. In our store you will find the best models of wardrobes with hinged doors , always in quality materials and with valuable and design details.