Swing door AB10

Are you looking for an opaque lacquered wardrobe? Click and discover modular wardrobes with hinged doors by Moretti Compact.

Railsystem attic 10

If you are looking for corner wardrobes with hinged doors, click and discover the Railsystem attic wardrobe 10 by Ferrimobili in lacquered wood.


Are you looking for a lacquered wood wardrobe? Click and discover corner wardrobes with hinged doors by Moretti Compact.


If you want a well-furnished sleeping area, choose the NC307 wardrobe with hinged doors by Moretti Compact!

12 Swing Doors

In the wardrobes with hinged doors we store assorted clothing and objects and, if equipped with drawers, they provide additional useful space for ...

Overcab 3 sides 04

We present you the Attic wardrobe 3 sides 04 in matt lacquer by Ferrimobili! A rich catalog of corner wardrobes with hinged doors.

13 Hinged Doors

The rest area is the absolute home space dedicated to rest, therefore it is necessary to recreate a relaxing atmosphere by solving your housing ...

14 Swing Doors

The furnishings of the rest area include, in addition to the bed and bedside tables, also the wardrobes, which are essential complements in a ...

Look Corner Cabin 14

Are you looking for a wardrobe Cabin Look Corner 14 Furniture Hardware? Click now! Custom-made wardrobes with hinged doors await you.

Sliding pliss

The piece of furniture visible in the photo stands out for the excellence of the materials and for the refined design, proving suitable to complete ...

Corner wardrobes

We provide you with a large variety of quality materials and current finishes, capable of following the needs of each and completing the furnishing of each interior. Among the various proposals available in our store, we offer you solutions with extremely compact cabinets that can be completely made to measure, according to your needs. Look at the furnishings we offer in our store, our interior designers are waiting for you. From the more traditional style, characterized by the sinuous lines of the furniture, to the modern and minimal design, our proposals satisfy the most diverse tastes. Sometimes, nowadays, domestic structures and work environments give rise to problems of space and style that are not insignificant. Ready to guide you in the phases of your project, our furniture consultants will offer you the corner wardrobes that are right for you, guaranteeing you the best results.