T1309AM Flame 180 table by Zamagna

The extendable design tables of the Zamagna brand are waiting for you

One of our extendable tables models will enrich your furnishing project with functionality and style. If you want to ensure a certain style in your home, but also want to get the best out of the available space, then our solutions are for you. T1309AM Flame 180 table by Zamagna: an almost infinite choice of high quality compositions awaits you in the store. A self-respecting table must be made of precious materials, in order to be resistant and to preserve the aesthetic value that characterize it over the years. The tables are among the important furniture and accessories in the living area and in the kitchen, environments dedicated to hospitality where you are in company with family and friends. The exclusive Zamagna brand presents a wide range of extendable dining tables, including those ideal for perfectly enriching design rooms.

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