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Atlas T70

The renowned Friulsedie brand presents several models of extendable dining tables, among which there are also those ideal for embellishing modern ...

Snooker table

Do you want more info on the Stones Snooker table dining table? Click and get information on the fixed models of the brand.


Click and discover a rich catalog of modern dining console tables! The Zamagna Level model is waiting for you.

Matrix T78

One of our models of fixed modern tables will be able to perfectly organize the dining or living room of the house with practicality and design. In ...


If you are looking for modern extendable tables, we present the Hornet wooden dining model from the Zamagna brand.


Do you want to embellish modern spaces? Get information about modern extendable tables: the Gotland dining model is waiting for you.

Wood table

If you are looking for modern extendable tables, here is the wooden dining model Tavolo Wood from the Stones signature.

Loki table

Do you want to embellish modern spaces? Find out more about fixed modern tables: the Loki table dining model awaits you.


Would you like more information on the Aladin dining table by La Seggiola? Click and find out more about the brand's extendable models.

Spike table

Click and discover a rich catalog of modern fixed dining tables! The Spike table model by Stones awaits you.

Da Vinci

With the console tables that we present in the shop, you can see live the most beautiful Altacom solutions and find the one that's right for you. One ...

Coast 180 Extendable

If you want modern extendable tables, we offer you the Coast 180 Extendable metal dining model from the Zamagna signature.

Dining tables

Look Dining tables that suit your need for space and style, durable and resilient, please contact us. The living room requires furnishing compositions with tables with a decisive style and simple shapes, while a kitchen model requires long-lasting furniture resistant to many types of stains, to ensure complete resistance to chemical agents of various kinds. In the shop, followed by the complete availability of our interior designers, you will find the furnishing solutions you want, as well as receive any kind of suggestion regarding the evolution of design in the furniture sector. In the shop we will offer you the opportunity to be guided during every moment of your project, with the aim of making it more concrete, with different beautiful and resistant furnishing compositions, including those with dining tables. Keep in mind that a pleasant environment requires tables that respect the mood of the room and that enhance the qualities of functionality and ergonomics.