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If you want design fixed tables, we present the Olimpia stone dining model from the Stones brand.

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If you want design fixed tables, we offer you the Papillon stone dining model from the Stones brand.


Click and discover a rich catalog of fixed design dining tables! The Millerighe model by Stones is waiting for you.


Do you want more info on the Stones Dylan dining table? Click and find out more about the brand's extendable models.

Stone tables

We offer a wide variety of furniture in different visually pleasant finishes, including the possibility of finding multiple stone tables. If you are looking for compositions with tables in different high-quality finishes, don't miss the opportunity to visit our store. We are the right place to meet the best interior designers, get suggestions on new trends, and choose materials that meet your needs. In order to guarantee complete customer satisfaction, we provide design assistance consultation, including measurement verification and furniture assembly at home. Expressing each individual's taste with furniture will no longer be a problem thanks to the available stone compositions in the showroom, suitable for meeting individual expectations. These compositions complete indoor spaces, so it is necessary to carefully select the furniture.