Portofino Comp 055 Storage Wall by Modo 10

The classic Modo 10 Equipped Walls are the most original on the market: the Portofino Comp 055 model in the photograph awaits you

Even in a not too large living room, this type of furniture manages to organize the spaces well, making good use of every corner and ensuring the customizable modularity typical of classic solutions. Part bookshelves, part storage units and displays: Wall Units are ideal for organizing a practical and dynamic space. The Portofino Comp 055 Wall Unit by Modo 10 in the image, with a wood finish, meets the most personal housing needs in terms of space and style without sacrificing aesthetic research. This proposal represents all the excellence that the brand guarantees thanks to years of expertise and great passion in the field of furniture and design. If you are looking for space-saving furniture that can be customized for you, contact us and learn more about the best furniture manufacturers' Home Furnishings.

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