Club Decor Living Glass A

If you want modern wall units and fitted walls, choose the Club Decor Living Glass A model by 2B Italia: click and get information!

Club Decor Living Glass B

Do you want to furnish a practical and functional living room? We offer you the Club Decor Living Glass B 2B Italia equipped wall with modern and ...

Club Decor Living Glass 02

If you want to complete a functional and practical stay with modern lines, we present the Club Decor Living Glass 02 wall unit by 2B Italia.

Glass equipped walls

You will be guided by our expert interior designers who will be happy to provide support in the design and post purchase. The quality of the finishes and their practicality make the compositions we sell the ideal options for individual requests. Take a seat with us: you will find everything you are looking for among the glass compositions we offer, which lend themselves to being placed in various types of rooms. In the showroom you will find Equipped Walls in glass with a refined aesthetic and you can take advantage of all kinds of advice in the field. The furniture we offer, including you will also find multiple models of Equipped Walls, are always made of durable materials, therefore also in glass of multiple colors. The compositions not to be missed that we offer are beautiful and resistant not only as regards aesthetics and design, but also for ergonomics and safety.