Sveva S166 chair by Friulsedie

Sveva S166 chair by Friulsedie: furnish your home with one of the most beautiful modern fixed chairs

If you want a fabric chair to complete the home atmosphere, get information about the model in the photo and find a matching table. A wide choice of fixed dining chairs is waiting for you in the shop: contact us for info and quotes and optimize your premises with the excellence that only Friulsedie can ensure you for furniture and accessory elements. In the living room or kitchen area, the chairs are essential furnishings: they underline the style of the environment and play an essential role. The living room and kitchen area are not really welcoming and comfortable if furnished with the wrong chairs, which is why they need to be matched to the rest of the furniture and to the room sizes. Sveva S166 chair by Friulsedie : this model will embellish spaces of all kinds, especially modern atmospheres.

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