Here is the Standard dining chair for modern atmospheres, one of the most original chairs and stools by Zamagna.

Energy SG380 stool

With the most original modern proposals, we will offer you the opportunity to furnish your home with style and practicality, with all the guaranteed ...

Ego SG405gas stool

In the shop you will be able to see one of the chair and stool models of the brand, as well as you can ask to be followed by our expert designers ...

Domino SG352

Thanks to the vast collection of aesthetic possibilities and modern dining solutions of the renowned brand, you will find the ideal one to enrich ...

Fred stool

Are you looking for a metal dining chair? Click and discover the Fred Stool model by Stones to complete your rooms to perfection.


Click and find out more about the Gently chair by Zamagna in metal: the most exclusive modern chairs and stools await you.

Jimmy stool

With this Jimmy Stones metal stool, one of our modern stool seats, you can embellish your premises.

Gaia stool

With this Gaia Stones metal stool, one of our modern stool seats, you can complete your spaces.


The choice of the model that's right for you, will depend on the mood of the environment, its measures and functions; some possible solutions are ...


Click to discover a wide range of chairs and stools for modern rooms: the Hollywood model by Stones is waiting for you!

Object SG341 stool

Here you will be able to see one of the proposals of Chairs and stools of the brand, as well as you can request to be followed by our expert ...

Domino stool SG352

The right type of dining chair for your home will be defined according to the style of the room, the size and shape of the space and particular ...

Stools chairs

In order to offer the opportunity to create an atmosphere that fully satisfies you in the spaces available, we present a wide choice of design materials. Thanks to the availability of our interior decorators you will be able to see the high quality furnishing proposals that are right for you, without forgetting those with chairs and stools . Guided by our furniture professionals, you will be able to solve space and style difficulties by choosing the furnishing compositions designed for you. In order to better organize the housing structures, especially if they occupy limited spaces, it is necessary to choose the pieces of furniture based on the shape and size of the rooms. We work continuously to create furnishing compositions with chairs designed for personal needs, even space-saving and tailor-made for you.