With this Pence Zamagna fabric chair, one of our modern fixed seats, you can complete your spaces.


Are you looking for a fabric dining chair? Click and discover the Butterfly model by La Seggiola to complete your spaces in the best possible way.


Thanks to the wide range of possible creations and modern dining solutions of the well-known brand, you will find the ideal one to enrich your ...

Fabia S119

At home, these pieces of furniture are truly essential, as they play an important role together with the tables in the spaces dedicated to ...

St Tropez

We offer you the St Tropez dining chair for modern settings, one of the most original fixed chairs by Ditre Italia.


Click to discover a wide range of folding chairs for modern rooms: the Star model by La Seggiola is waiting for you!

Dune S399

In addition to fulfilling an essential role, these furnishings are able to enhance an interior also impersonal and without accessories. The Dune S399 ...


Here is the Kyo dining chair for modern settings, one of the most beautiful fixed chairs by Ditre Italia.

Curl S321

In the living room or in the kitchen, the chairs are essential furniture, as they enhance the mood of the environment and play an essential role. In ...


Here is the Standard dining chair for modern atmospheres, one of the most original chairs and stools by Zamagna.

Alice chair

Are you looking for a fabric dining chair? Click and discover the Alice Chair model by Stones to perfectly complete your interior.


Click and find out more about the Bond chair by Zamagna in leather: the most original modern fixed chairs await you.

Grandate chairs

Our consultants will guide you in the purchase of furniture for indoor environments: thanks to many years of professionalism they will be happy to provide you with lots of original advice and update you on trends in the field of furniture. Combining functionality and style together with us at Grandate will be quite easy, so don't miss the opportunity to see compositions of chairs that match your needs and the various sizes and versions of your interiors. If you are in Grandate and neighboring municipalities and are looking for furniture solutions of chairs of the best brands, do not miss the opportunity to visit us. Contact us: a large variety of chairs that reflect your taste are exhibited by us and complete our varied proposal, designed to furnish your rooms, enriching their aesthetics. With the aim of offering the ideal support for individual desires, you can decide to be followed in interior design.