Curl S321

In the living room or in the kitchen, the chairs are essential furniture, as they enhance the mood of the environment and play an essential role. In ...

Nikka S354

In the store you can buy one of the brand's fixed chair solutions, as well as be assisted by our expert store managers during the purchase. The Nikka ...

Victoria S391T S391BT

In addition to being really comfortable and ergonomic, this fabric chair will guarantee you a peaceful everyday life in rooms where you can chat with ...

Resort Chair

With this Resort Chair La Seggiola in wood, one of our classic fixed seats, you can enhance your premises.


With this Nature La Seggiola wooden chair, one of our classic fixed seats, you can embellish your spaces.

Kanter S123

The dining room and the living room are rooms in the home dedicated to hospitality, the fulcrum for relationships with friends and relatives during ...


Click and get information on the Cream chair by La Seggiola in wood: the most beautiful classic fixed chairs are waiting for you.

Margot S706

At home, the chairs are essential furnishings, for this reason we have a large collection of quality furniture compositions in the shop. At home, the ...

Ginger S132

Ginger S132 chair by Friulsedie in wood: it will be able to optimally organize the dining or living room of your home, mixing features of ...


We offer you the Regina dining chair for classic settings, among the most beautiful fixed chairs of La Seggiola.

Musa S390

The chairs furnish the dining room and the living room at home, defining the spaces with logic and rationality and combining the best of practicality ...

Monaco chair

Are you looking for a kitchen chair in eco-leather? Click and discover the Monaco Chair model by Stones to complete your interior perfectly.

Classic chairs

If you are looking for a selling point of modern classic chairs , our interior designers are waiting for you to decorate the interior rooms with ergonomics and safety. We present various models of classic chairs and we are available to help you decorate functional rooms with class. In the showroom you will discover how simple it is to realize the projects of your dreams with the guarantee of complete satisfaction once the project has been completed. Take a seat: thanks to our experience you can best match the practical and aesthetic qualities of the furniture, with attention to your needs. The best interior designers will be available to guide you in detail: if you come to visit us, you can satisfy your aesthetic needs with a lot of quality furniture.