YC301 modular bedroom by Moretti Compact

Modular bedroom for boys with upholstered bed and desk

It brings aesthetic value and vibrant tones to the children's room with this proposal, one of Moretti Compact's modular bedrooms for children. If you're looking for creative ideas to furnish your children's room excellently, we suggest the YC301 modular bedroom by Moretti Compact with a matte lacquered finish. Trust us for the decor of your children's room: in our showroom, we offer all the most beautiful modern furnishing compositions for their bedroom. Moretti Compact offers a rich catalog of accessories to match perfectly: you will find a bed, wardrobe, desk, chairs, and bookshelves. This proposal with a matte lacquered finish excellently enhances the qualities of functionality and aesthetics of the bedroom, as it is capable of combining functionality and ergonomics.

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