Next space 03

With this bedroom Next space 03 Nidi, among the tailor-made solutions, you can furnish modern rooms for children.

Next space 05

Furnish design rooms with Nidi custom-made bedrooms! The Next space 05 model in matt lacquer is for kids.

Next space 09

Click and get information on the Next space 09 kids room! Nidi bespoke bedrooms await you.

Next space 14

The most exclusive designer children's bedrooms await you! Discover the Next space 14 model by Nidi.

Kids space 03

Click and find out more about the Kids space 03 bedroom! Nidi bespoke bedrooms await you.

Kids space 06

Bespoke children's bedrooms: discover the Nidi Kids space 06 wooden model for modern bedrooms.

Kids space 07

The most beautiful bedrooms for modern girls are waiting for you! Discover the Kids space 07 model by Nidi.

Kids Room 833

Click and get information on the kids room Kids Room 833! The Ferrimobili modular bedrooms await you.

Kids Room 831

With this bedroom Kids Room 831 Ferrimobili, among the modular solutions, you can furnish classic rooms for boys.

Kids Room 828

Modular children's bedrooms: discover the Matt lacquered model Children's Bedroom 828 by Ferrimobili for classic bedrooms.

Kids Room 823

With this bedroom Children's room 823 Ferrimobili, among the modular solutions, you can set up design rooms for boys.

Smart Working 013

Furnish modern little rooms with Ferrimobili custom-made bedrooms! The Smart Working 013 model in matt lacquer for boys.

Bespoke bedrooms

Sometimes, nowadays, domestic buildings and offices create considerable space and style difficulties. Available to direct you during every moment of your project, our furnishing consultants will offer you the bespoke bedrooms that are right for you, guaranteeing you the desired results. We offer for you a wide range of durable materials and design finishes, able to satisfy individual needs and complete the furnishing of any interior. Among the various offers available in our showroom, with space-saving solutions we will prospettiamo's room entirely made to measure for you, according to your needs. Come and see the furnishings that we offer in our showroom, the most prepared interior designers are waiting for you. From the more traditional style, characterized by the soft shapes of the furniture, to the modern and minimal chic one, our proposals satisfy the most varied tastes.