Kids Room 831

With this bedroom Kids Room 831 Ferrimobili, among the modular solutions, you can furnish classic rooms for boys.

Kids Room 828

Modular children's bedrooms: discover the Matt lacquered model Children's Bedroom 828 by Ferrimobili for classic bedrooms.

Children's room 635

Click and find out more about the kids room Kids room 635! Ferrimobili bespoke bedrooms await you.

Moodbook bedroom 203

Furnish classic rooms with the Ferrimobili modular bedrooms! The Cameretta moodbook 203 model in matt lacquer for boys.

Moodbook room 214

Furnish classic rooms with Ferrimobili custom-made bedrooms! The 214 moodbook bedroom model in matt lacquer for boys.

Moodbook room 215

The most exclusive classic children's bedrooms are waiting for you! Discover the Cameretta moodbook 215 model by Ferrimobili.

Classic bedrooms

You will be able to customize the indoor spaces as you prefer and define how to place the variants of the bedrooms that you will select, in the name of aesthetics and quality. We provide support in the design, with site inspection for the verification of the measures, and in the post-sales phase, to offer the best service. If you visit us, you will find the classic bedrooms ideal for customizing the indoor spaces you have with creativity. You will be supported by our furniture professionals in the purchase of classic bedrooms , as they are able to select the items thanks to professionalism and passion in the field. Thanks to the offers designed for different requests, you will be able to find the ideal furniture pieces for you and for the mood you want to create. Our proposal of compositions of excellent signatures ensures to embellish places of great personality, with regard to technology.