Click and discover the modern wall bookcases! The Nook Nature Design model will complete a dynamic and operational living room.


If you are looking for wall bookcases for the living room, click and discover our design solutions: the Gemini Nature Design model is waiting for you!

Living 71D bookcase

Do you want to renovate the living room? Get information on modern wall bookcases and furnish your interior with the Living 71D bookcase model.

Living 74D bookcase

Fine finishes and bold lines: discover the Living 74D bookcase by Ferrimobili among the most original modern suspended bookcases.

Living 75D bookcase

Click and discover the modern wall bookcases! The Living 75D bookcase model by Ferrimobili will be able to complete a practical and operational ...

Living 76D bookcase

If you want dividing bookcases for the living room, click and discover our modern solutions: the Living 76D bookcase model by Ferrimobili is waiting ...

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