Library 09

Really practical wall bookcases for modern rooms: find out more about the Bookcase 09 model of the Cinquanta3 brand!


Do you want to modernize the living area? Get information on modern wall bookcases and decorate your interior with the LV117 model.

Box bookcase 18

Modern bookcases are always much appreciated for designing the living room and walls, perfectly combining practicality and design qualities.

The Seventy-thirteen mini

Keeping the living room in order is not the only task of the modern Bookcases that we offer you: they organize the spaces enriching their aesthetics. ...

Library 06

Do you want to renew the living room? Get information on modern modular bookcases and furnish your interiors with the Bookcase 06 model.


In the showroom you can find various models of quality furniture for the living area, just like this metal bookcase among those modern partitions. ...

Library 71

Keeping the living room in order is not their only task, as they are furniture capable of emphasizing the mood of the room with a certain style. ...

Pontile Library

The Pontile Library by Novamobili is ideal for giving personality to your spaces: the different solutions of the company will allow you to perfectly ...


Modern bookcases are always particularly appreciated for preparing the living room and the walls, perfectly combining functionality and style. The ...


In the shop you can find different models of furniture and accessories of the best known brands for the living room, just like this wooden bookcase ...

Library 08

Do you want to renew your stay? Get information on modern wall bookcases and furnish your spaces with the Bookcase 08 model.

Library 10

If you are looking for modular bookcases for the living area, click and discover our modern solutions: the Bookcase 10 Cinquanta3 model is waiting ...