Click and find out about the nightstandComoGiroGiroSystem: Nightstands and drawers ofNovamobilisareidealiperspazimoderno.

Bedside table Float

DiscoverComodernmodern furniturewith drawersNovamobile!

Float chest of drawers

Click and get information on the bedside table Float chest of drawers: Novamobili bedside tables and drawers are ideal for modern spaces.

Com Giotto

Do you want to design the bedroom with bedside tables and drawers of Novamobili? We present the model Com Giotto in wood for modern spaces.

Giotto chest of drawers

Do you want to furnish the bedroom with Novamobili bedside tables and furniture with drawers? Here is the Giotto chest of drawers in wood for modern ...

Com Forty-five

A small catalog of furniture with drawersNovamobili: the modern and modern wooden furniture, such as Com Quarantacinque, are three of the most ...

Chest of drawers Forty-five

Click to discover the types on the nightstand Chest of drawers Forty-five: Nightstands and drawers of new furniture are ideal for modern spaces.

Com Pythagoras

Click and find out more about Com Pitagora bedside table: Novamobili bedside tables and drawers are ideal for modern spaces.

Chest of drawers Pitagora

Would you like to set up a night-time relationship with modern furniture and drawers with drawers?

Norman bedside table

A rich catalog of Novamobili furniture with drawers: modern wooden bedside tables, such as Norman bedside table, are among the most exclusive ...

Easy System chest of drawers

The Easy System Chest of Drawers by Novamobili is a versatile storage element, because it fits with style in any environment, providing comfort and ...

Novamobili bedside tables

Don't miss the opportunity to set up indoor spaces with the security that only Novamobili can give you, and not even that of receiving any kind of advice in the sector from us. In the shop you will meet the most skilled interior designers, who will be happy to guide you in the phases of your project, also guaranteeing you an inspection for relief measures and delivery and installation. Our many years of professionalism and extreme passion will guarantee you to find everything you want among the most beautiful bedside table compositions, well made and perfect for rooms of different sizes. Novamobili works continuously with the aim of guaranteeing customer satisfaction, thanks to compositions made with durable materials and respect for trends in the furniture sector. In the store you will find models of bedside tables ideal for designing the project of your dreams, which represent your personal style by combining ergonomics and safety.