Beds with container


Click and discover the Bside beds with container! The Quiet fabric model is waiting for you in the double versions.

Good Rim

If you want double beds with storage, here is the Good Rim model in fabric to enhance the bedroom.


If you want double beds with storage, here is the Chic model in fabric to enrich the bedroom.


Do you want to renovate the bedroom? Here is the Alf fabric bed by Essedue for design spaces.


ClickdiscoverMorettiCompact's beddings contest! The SC103 model in melamine waiting in single versions.


Click and discover the Moretti Compact beds with container! The SC106 model in melamine awaits you in the single versions.


Click and find out more about Beds with headboard: if you want modern single models, the SC109 Moretti Compact model is for you.


The SC206 bed in eco-leather, among Moretti Compact's classic single headboard models, is ideal for ensuring the best rest.


If you want single beds with headboards, here is the SC208 model in fabric to complete the sleeping area.


The SC209 fabric bed, among the modern single-and-a-half padded models by Moretti Compact, is ideal for guaranteeing you the deepest sleep.

Beds with storage

Contemporary homes, but also other types of structures, are frequently built by optimizing space to the maximum: in this way the total freedom of choice of furniture and accessories is sacrificed. The goal we set ourselves is to offer extremely compact and custom-made products that can find a solution for space issues and recreate a refined aesthetic result. In the shop you will have to evaluate countless furnishing solutions with beds with container , contextualized in interiors of various sizes. Our interior designers will guide you during the purchase of various bed configurations, in different quality materials and also with storage.